Those of you who know Joyce Finch know what a supportive and contributing person she and her late husband, Bill, has been to the embroidery community.  When Joyce sent me this wall hanging she showed me another facet of herself with her creativity.  She did all the outlines in gold making everything so outstanding. I want to thank her for doing such a beautiful job with the Hawaiian Quilt Set 2 designs.  Click on the graphic to see more detail in this runner.


Kathy did a beautiful job of embellishing this tote bag as a unique gift for a friend using the Bird Of Paradise Hawaiian Quilt design as the focal point. Kathy has a son in the Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. She visited Hawaii in February 1999 and wanted to share some of the Aloha she took home with her.

Donna Hiraga made this Grandmother vest. On the front left chest is the Calligraphy for Grandmother, and the, children represent the grandchildren. The sushi plate on the back is a nice signature.  These designs are from the Oriental set.

Violet Maeda shows us her creativity and versatility in using the Geisha from the Oriental 2 Set. From sewing her own clothes (left) to even when embellishing a ready made sweatshirt(right) she added her personal touch of applique.

Violet Maeda made these Good Luck bags for friend traveling to Las Vegas.  The fanny pack has the Maneki Neko with his paw in the air waving for money to come in, the Good Luck Frog with his mouth open and the calligraphy for Wealth. The tote bag has the calligraphy for Good Luck and Wealth as well as an Oriental Money bag.  I hope her friends were able to fill their bags with winnings.  These designs can be found in Oriental 1, Oriental 2 and Calligraphy sets.

As an English teacher, Violet Maeda had to attend many seminars so she made the special shirt on the left "Oh No! NOT ANOTHER Learning Experience". using a design from the Moodies set. With the same sense of humor Violet will wear the shirt on the right to express the meaning of  her coy smile. Violet recently retired from her teaching position and I expect we'll see a lot more of her creativity. She also suggest that you combine the Moodies with the Sayings & Sayings2 I have available.

The Japanese card game, Hanafuda, is one that we all grew up with in Hawaii.  Of course Violet Maeda   would chose the highest winning cards to embellish her denim shirt.


I'm always thrilled to find out that people who are not originally from Hawaii appreciate the beauty of the Hawaiian Quilts. Janet Kai is one of those people who love to show off that appreciation. I know this is just the start of many projects to come.

Linda Likavec found the Bottoms Up designs in the Dis 'n Dat set and right away knew that she wanted to make something for her brother and sister-in-law.  She told me that this has been a standing family joke and she knew her brother would get a laugh out of it. I think she did a terrific job of incorporating this design for a tasteful display. Good work Linda!

Violet Maeda has done it again.  This time she's incorporated the Petroglyph Honu with Hawaiian fabric and gone one step further by making the tote bag reversible.  You can always count on Violet to come up with new ideas.

For Dale Carder's Mom's 80th birthday everyone had a shirt that read

and each of us believed that we were the one.


Miss Creativity, Violet Maeda made this quilt for her uncle as a special welcome home after his stay in the hospital. She combined design from the Calligraphy 2 set surrounding her uncle's Chinese Zodiac  in the center with the 4 tigers from the Chinese Paper Cutting 2 set around it to protect him. Violet is always so creative and makes my designs look good. Send Violet an email.

Click on either picture for a larger view.

Maggie Winsbro made this memorable album cover for her son and new daughter-in-law to save their Hawaii honeymoon pictures.  She combined the silhouettes from the Hawaiiana set with the hibiscus from the Tropical Flower set on a yellow batik background and framing it with a tropical print fabric that's she's been stashing away for a special occasion.  I want to wish her son and dil a wonderful life together and applaud Maggie for her creativity.

Shirley Inouye used 30 of the Hawaiian Quilt designs from the first Hawaiian Quilt set and Hawaiian Quilt 2 set for this mind boggling quilt.  She embroidered all the quilts in red on 8" squares.  The back fabric is the same as the front taking 8 yard of fabric.  You can see her son's hand holding the top right corner of the quilt and in knowing that you can use his 6 foot height to gauge the size of this beautiful quilt.  I was very lucky to meet Shirley since she's never used the internet.  Click on the picture to see a larger graphic of this quilt.

Barbara Jo Garner has taken Asian designs, including some of mine from the Oriental 2 set along with the, Virtues and Good Wishes from the Calligraphy 2 set and made this beautiful quilt, which happens to be her first effort at quilting.  If she's done this well on her first project I imagine she will be winning awards very soon.  Click on the picture to see a close up of her work.  Please email Barbs and let her know how you like her quilt.

Now Barbara Jo Garner has gotten more creative and used the Virtue and Good Wishes designs and made some very nice coasters with the Chinese Calligraphy on one side and the English definition on the other.  Thank you Barbs for this creative idea.  Again you can email Barbs and tell her if you like her idea and may use it.

Violet Maeda's done it again. Violet participated in n Aloha United Way fundraising and make donated a percentage of her sales on these items .She quilted her fabric and embellished the tote bag with the Ohai Lehua design from the Tropical Flowers Set and took it to a craft fair. " ... that was also the first thing that got sold ... I walked in the room, started pulling things out of my box of goodies, and a hand came out of nowhere and said this   bag is mine... I'm buying it now ... she didn't even ask the price first ...... that made my morning ;>)"  The bag sold for $35.00.  The black towels with the gold Good Luck symbol frm the Oriental 1 design set brought in $25.00. And finally Violet embellished purpole towels with the Double Orchid designs from the Hawaiian Style Quilts First Edition. Good for you Violet ! Bet they invite you back again next year.

"I am rarely really happy with my projects but I must say I love these coasters. I have them sitting here and admire them every time I pass by. The designs are so well digitized and stitched out beautifully."
It's so rewarding for me to know that my designs, even the freebies, are being used so creatively as Barbara  has done in the one time freebie offer of the Hawaiian Style Quilts Fist Edition coaster.  It's also so nice to get such positive comments about my digitizing.  Thank you Barabara   Click on Barara's name to email her.

" I can't tell you enough thank you for sharing your coaster designs. They are absolutely exquisite. I stitched them out on silk dupioni as a gift for a very dear friend. After I assembled them, really struggled not to keep them   myself. I could sit and just look at them all day. The cloth they are displayed on is one of my hand crocheted dish cloths that I make in the evening after I am finished stitching for the day. Don't they look pretty with Christmas colors? I think so. Sure hope my friend enjoys them as much as I did making them. "

Again I was rewarded with these pictures and comments from Carol Stoeckmann when she completed her coaster project and paired them up with your hand crocheted dishcloths.  Thank you so much Carol for letting me know that you were able to use these designs and they were good enough for your gift giving.  Please drop Carol a line and let her know what a great job she's done.


This apron was done by Adrienne Weissman and I think she did a beautiful job with the Asian Goodies designs.  Adrianne wrote:"I am sending you a picture of the sushi apron I made for a friend using your designs.  They stitched out beautifully and  had lots of texture.  My friend was thrilled!"

I was thrilled to hear that from her and see how wonderfully her apron turned out.  Watch out Adrienne you won't be able to keep up with order for this kind of work.  Please drop Adrienne an email and let her know you feel the same way

Pamela made me feel so good when she told me that the China Girl helped to inspire her to make this magnificent Chinese jacket. Of course I know that's not really true and that Pamela is purely a very creative person. Please write Pamela an email and let her know if you feel the same way ads I do.
Pamela wrote:  "I really liked the way the vest turned out and your China Girl design was perfect! I stamped Chinese characters on the main red fabric because I ran out of the fabric I had bought like that and couldn't find any more. I get compliments every time I wear the vest and want to thank your for the embroidery design that inspired the whole thing."

Click on picture to see aclose up of the design
Violet Maeda has done it again.  She used the Double Ilima Lei and the Hula5 silhouette from the Hawaiian Design set on her beautiful daughter-in-law's shirt, which got many wonderful compliments.

Violet's son and daughter-in-law entered the Aloha Week Celebration Parade and Violet did her share to help them by embroidering the backs of the men's shirts with the Ilima Lei design.  Her grandson, Ryder, couldn't be in the parade but he did his share as he wore his own shirt with a matching design.  Below they used the Hula Dancer 3 Silhouette as a model to decorate the pooper scooper for the horses.
 The Pau team took Second Place and the Pooper Scooper took First Place.  Way to go!

Mrs. Weber turned 110 on October 2, 2003 and I was privileged to be asked by Susan Highfield, her friend's daughter in South Carolina, to do a lap blanket for her

Annette showed me how creative she could be when she combined the cute little cross stitch monkeys from  with designs from Digi Demon Embroidery.  The Li See (red envelopes and oranges) design was a 24 hour freebie offered on January 22, 2004 (Chinese New Year Day) and the Money Bag is a freebie from the Oriental 2 design page.  She placed this design in a picture frame as a gift to a friend.  The money going into the red envelope in the upper right side of the design is orange because that's the color of the money in Australia.  You can email Annette by clicking on her name.

Frances wanted to make a very unique shirt for her son who drives a PT Cruiser, so she used the Diagonally Parked freebie from my Sayings page and combined it with an appliqued PT Cruiser for his Tshirt collection.  What a lucky son.


Dale used these designs from the Hawaiian Style Quilt First Edition Fluffy Flowers set to make stenobook covers as gifts for coworkers as well as her children's teachers. What a unique idea and a very different type of memorable gift.  Please let Dale know how much you like her work, and she might even tell you how she makes her steno covers.  Great job Dale!  Thank you for doing something so special with my designs.


I've always said the people who use my designs are the most creative people I've met, and I just love it when they show me what they do.  Margaret combined designs from the Tropical Flowers 2 set in Embird, masked them and came up with her own custom version for these hotpads.


Margaret made this quilt for her grandson combining designs from the Kung Fu Fighting set and the Virtues and Good Wishes Calligraphy set.  I'm sure her grandson will treasure this quilt for many years knowing how much love and time his grandmother spent on it.

Georgia Howith aleady had a pair of Lucky Cat earring and when she found the Maneki Neko in our Oriental set she felt it would be perfect to complete her ensemble.  George did uss untraditional colors but I'm sure the same good fortune will follow her.  Her comments about the design is"It certainly went smoothly."

Silvia Burk doesn't do anything in a small way.  The smallest project she did with the Hawaiian Quilt designs is the fabric bowl using designs from the Pacific Rim Quilt Tropical II set. Her comment is "I will have a hard time giving this one away pictures do no do it justice".  Then she did the first of 8 wall hangings for her mother-in-law.  You can see a larger image of the quilt but clicking the graphic. Amazing!  40 separate blocks make up the center focal point and 38 quilts in the border using designs from the Hawaiian Style Quilts First Edition Anthurium Multi.  I'm surprised that Silvia didn't burn out her embroidery machine (maybe after doing 8 wall hangings in the same way?).Thank you Silvia for sharing your talent and creativity.

Shirley Brown made this shirt for her daughter who is expecting her first child and Shirley's first grandchild.  I'm sure her daughter will enjoy filling out this shirt .  Maybe we can get Shirley to send pictures of her daughter wearing the shirt in her 9th month of pregnancy.  The design is from the Hawaiian Style Quilts 2nd Edition

Barbara send these pictures of some of the sachets she made for her Christmas party from the Hawaiian Style Quilts First Edition Double Duty set.  Barb explained that "they have a buttonhole on the back side so  I can fill them with lavender or maybe something more exciting when I go shopping in Hawaii."  I am always amazed at how creative people can be using my designs to make something very special, especially when they're tropical flower quite patterns in Canada.

Jane is a sewing teacher with her own business in Walnut Creek California. One of my students wanted to use my Bernina to embroider a gorgeous knit top that she has made and wanted to use Asian characters along one part of the them.  The characters her student selected were cat, moon and horse from the Calligraphy set.  This is the first time any of her students have expanded their project to include calligraphy as an accent.  You can check out more of Jane's work on her website at

Joan Brown
made good use of one of the free sample when she embellished a fleece blankie.

Fern is a professional seamstress in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  She chose the Lehua design from the Tropical Flowers set as her very first project which is a toddler's gown for a pageant.  I appreciate Fern's comment that "The Lehua embroidered out beautifully and it was so easy!" and her telling me that the young lady was so happy, she didn't want to take the dress off.  She looks like a winner to me.

Georgia made this Hanafuda Quilt in anticipation of the home she and her husband will be building next year.  The home will have an Asian theme to it and this quilt will be a beautiful centerpiece as a wall hanging.  She accomplished the face of the quilt (30 panels)  in just a couple of week saying "As you might of guessed, the embroidery went really well.  The only mess ups were on my end.  The machine went mad one time so I started over on that design.  Twice I happily embroidered away until it dawned on me I had the stabilizer on top of the fabric instead of the other way around. (Not good) This may have been because I did my work at night until midnight!"  Well don't well all do the very same thing ?  I think this quilt will be an heirloo piece, don't you?

In anticipation of her granddaughter, Shirley made this Hawaiian theme quilt.  She used the Turtle Dolphin Hawaiian Quilt from the Pacific Rim Quilt collection using different colors for each block.  The can see a separate dolphin block and in the lower right hand corner is a design from Stitichize of a stork and the words ?Made in America?.There are closeups of a couple of the blocks so you can see how beautifully they turned out.  The back is made with a fuzzy pink flannel with a label for Kalissa Noelani from her Tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian) using the free sample from our site.

And here she is, Kalissa Noelani, born June 17, 2006, 7 pounds 13 ounces.  Now the quilt is perfect.


Kathy gets very ambitious with her quilt block using combinations of designs that she's collected.  The block on the left uses the Pheonix and Monstera Leaf designs from my site along with 2 other dragons that she found on the internet.  The quilt block on the right is done with designs from the Chinese Paper Cutting 2 using variagated thread for the oulines.  Pretty tricky Kathy.  I'd sure like to see her finished quilt.  It will be a feast for the eyes with so much to see.

Barbara wrote "I usually practice my designs first on something simple like a wine is made of 2-15inch squares  (due to the lining) with a round bottom.  I made this wine bag today for a coworkers xmas gift of wine.  I figure they can always regift the bag.  Your designs stitch out so nicely.  Keep up the good work"  Smart girl that Barbara.  This outrigger design is on the Hawaiian page.

Ever wonder if it's worthwhile to go to a Rummage Sales?   Just ask Bridgett Catron.   Bridgett turned this $1.00 chair.  Yes I said ONE DOLLAR chair, into a one of a kind custom project using FREE samples she's found from generous digitizers.  Digi Demon's free sample is the Monstera leaves flanking each side of the butterfly in the center of the seat.  It's nice to know that someone made good use of the sample offered.

Carole Harris's Father's 80th birthday will be on July 16, 2006 and Carole has made him this AMAZING quilt to commemorate that special day. I'm thrilled that she has chosen my US Navy design in her quilt and her comment "I am VERY pleased with your design."  Carole, I am glad the design behaved for you.

This beautiful young lady is Ila , the 12 year old granddaughter, Emily, who is visiting with her for awhile this summer.  Emily has taken up golf and  wanted to make a golf towel for herself so  Ila purchased the Hibiscus Beauties and let Emily have a go at it.  Ila wrote: "She had a hard time deciding whether to put 3 of them going down her golf towel or just have it toward the bottom and using only one.  It stitched out very pretty.  Thank you for sending them as quickly as you did.."  It's my pleasure Ila and I'm so glad you and Emily can share in this hobby.
Emily we'll be watching for you in the golfing world.

Peggy Griffin combined the Good Luck Paper Cutting with the Peace calligraphy and framed and matted it for a very unique and special gift.  I'm sue the recipient will treasure Peggy's thoughtfulness and keep this gift displayed prominently.  What better than to wish someone Good Luck and Peace?

BMB Shirt

Kathy S has as warped a sense of humor as I do.  She used two of the words srom the  Calligraphy 4 set on a shirt she wore to work as her "silent" message.  One of the set of words is Bite Me.  Can you guess what the 2nd word is?  And can you believe NOBODY asked her what the calligraphy meant?  I think they knew better than to ask, don't you?

Karen took on a HUGE project to do 4 quilts for the children of her priest.  I saw her request for help to find Hammerhead Shark designs and contacted her with a picture of one that I did.  Karen said she liked it BUT she needed 5 more.  Oh my!  What did I get myself into?  Since Karen asked so nicely I did 5 other Hammerhead Shark designs for her approval.  For an up close view click on the quilt.  I think Karen did a great job .  BTW the Hammerhead Shark Quilt is for Bernadette, a 6 year old little GIRL!  Who knew?

Karen wrote:  "That last shark you did that we struggled with briefly is definitely the most striking. He has such "personality"! The one in the middle above him is also very striking. They all look absolutely fabulous. You did such a fantastic job with all aspects.  The color shading and blending looks great. I cannot begin to thank you enough for having done these marvelous sharks for me. (I love the quilt and wouldn't mind keeping it for myself!)"  I was my plesure Karen.


Stephanie's, of NY, USA, niece and her husband adopted a little girl from China so Stephanie asked to help her English name, Lily.  The decision was made to do the name in Chinese Calligraphy so that only those who know her will know her name.  Stephanie is smart enough to know that there are people out there who would love to lure a young child away especially if they know that child's name.  I'd like to present Lily to you.  Isn't she beautiful?

Left are pictues of the LiSee Good Luck Money Pocket Ornaments that Stephanie made using red organza.this time, but plans to use red satin or brocade next time.  She did the LiSee with loving care and placed a check in the envelope as a gift.  Hi Aunty Stephanie, what's for Christmas?  Can you tel that Stephanie is as much in love with little Lily as her new Mom and Dad?

I'd like to introduce you to Melissa G was asked at the last minute to teach a quilting class, and decided to teach the Bento Quilt.  BUT this wasn't just any Bento Quilt.  Melissa has little treats hidden in her that could be seen at it's best in the sunlight by using color changing thread.  See if you can find the Chinese Paper Cutting Goldfish that Melissa has "hidden" in her quilt.  If you can't spot them scroll down for some hints.



Sherry R embroidered these chair backs for Kumu Hula (Hula Teacher), June Kehaulani Rust,  as a gift from the haumana (students) of our halau (school, academy, group) Ka Mele Wai O Ke Anuenue to her.  Sherry told me "We had her turn around and close her eyes when we brought the chair in - when the ladies caught sight of it, everyone ooohed and ahhhed.  And Kumu just loves her chair!"   Thank you Sherry for using my designs for such a special gift.


Bessie S Just can't stop embroidering.  It took her less than a month to do all these projects -- and none of them are for herself!.  Her daughter teaches hula, and the sheet ensemble and the quilt are for her.  Now Bessie didn't stop there.  She also made ornaments AND pillows for other family members.  OK Bessie, it's your turn to do something for yourself.

Cathy F's hubby was coming up on a very special birthday AND they were going to celebrate it on Maui, a favorite vacation spot.  The hat was a nice surprise for him but I don't know who that young fella is wearing the hat.   Maybe one day Cathy and her hubby will move here for good.


Grace took a fan from Hatched from Africa and combined it with the Calligraphy for Good Luck and Happiness along with  the Lucky Bamboo designs.    She made two sets for a 50th Birthday and her inlaws 60th Anniversary.  

Terri and her sisters visited Florida and found a way to make a lot of new friend while they wore their shirts with Calligraphy embroidery.  One says Big Sister, the other says Younger Sister and the third is TROUBLE  People wanted to know if they were in some sort of club.

Susn's brother's stepson in in the Navy so the entire family received shirts and a pair of shorts showing their pride and support.  And her towels could we used for golfing, BBQ grilling or simply a handy towel in the bathroom.  What a way to show you support our troop.

Pamela told me I have all ways called him my Super Hero for all the work he does in our
business and now with your help the shirt to prove it
Who else deserves a matching shirt and cake other than Super Dad?


Sharon tells me she made this graduation gift for the daughter of a close friend to take to college.  Initially she was just going to use the designs from PRQ Tropical II only, but decided to add some of the Hula designs.  The 3 of us have been taking hula lessons together for several years, so I knew she would especially like those designs.   Wow Sharon she must be a very, very, very good friend and I just know her daughter will treasure this quilt forever.  This is the first time Sharon tried free motion quilting.  Don't you think she did a great job?