A recognizable landmark.

Done for a Kung Fu club.

These were sewn as training flags for the
various prison's Adult Correctional Officers' training classes.

Design size:  10" x 12"

The Warden requested an adaptation
of the flag design to be sewn on polo shirts
for visiting dignitaries.

The Queen's Medical Center is the
largest hospital in Hawaii.
This design was done on the hospital scrubs and lab coats.

Great Wall China Adoption Organization

M & M Productions developed their own logo (above)
in addition to other Hawaiiana graphics such as the Ulu at the right.
M.E.O.W.  Machine Embroiderers of Oregon and Washington

Demonstrating three lettering variations.

Palama Market

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A clothing manufacturer in Hawaii
The next 3 designs are to embellish their merchandise.

Hula Halau
Hula dance group

Kung Fu Lion Dance Club

Kung Fu Lion Dance Club

Occasional Golfers Association

Kama`aina Kaddy Logo

American Public Workers Association
A brief explanation on what a Mon is.  These next designs are  Japanese Family Mons or you may know them better as Family Crests, and aren't to be taken lightly or used indiscriminately or you will insult the family which this crest represents.  I will digitize Mons only for those who can legitimately use the design to represent their family.

Mashima Mon

Mishina Mon

Umeno Mon

Uyeunten Mon           Mon & Kanji done for a tie

North American Shar Pei Rescue Inc.

WIC=Women in Crisis


Pena Family Crest




World War II German
Made for Mike Evans who makes reenactment uniforms.


Done on Banners for Our Young Men Overseas

Seventeenth Support

27th Infantry  

30th Signal Battalion

29th Infantry Battalion

84th Engineers


524th Support

Oahu Base Support Battalion



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