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Grandfather Grandmother Mother Father Daughter Son Older Brother
Older Sister Younger Brother Younger Sister Baby Grandchild Twins Daughter-in law
Son-in-law Dog Cat Horse Fish Bird Moon
Spring Summer Autumn Winter House Car Door
Flower Grass Ship Sea Friend Birthday Love
Happiness Eye Sun Night Star Cloud Rain

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Design Set # ______ @ $52.50   $            @ $50.00   $            
Both Sets @$100.00   $ @ $90.00   $
3-1/2" Diskette Shipping & Handling      $ 6.50   $      $ 6.50   $
Total Amount of Order   $   $


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Aimee Tang
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Aimee Tang
Digi Demon Embroidery
1414 Alexander St. #403
Honolulu, HI 96822-4929

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